‘Your grammar sucks #46’ video review

I was laughing the whole four minutes and six seconds of this video. It was a good length, I didn’t once find myself checking to see how much was left. It left me wanting to see more videos from its channel when usually I would just go looking for more recommended content.

The sharp delivery of each line invited me to imagine the lives of the people who originally wrote them. This got me thinking about what they could possibly do with themselves to think that something can be of ‘of fence’, or to state they are ‘pist of an downt fell well’.

The fact that this is only an example of the terrible, yet hilarious grammar disasters posted daily online left me both curious and mildly disturbed about the direction in which cyber slang is heading.

It’s definitely worth a view and is a perfect confidence booster for those times when you think you’re failing at life.

i wood be wach it agen guyz xx


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