Celestial City 1: produce a digital story

The final assignment for Networked Media in 2013 was to create a digital story and market it to an audience. Here is how we did it.

– Laura Salamit0 & Alex Northcott

Present work to your tutor and go through with this work.

We presented our work to our tutor both via email and in person. We stuck to the theme of humiliating moments and the use of one character for a story that would feature in a video, marketed through twitter hash tags, mentions and blog posts.

Our story.

Our story is about a guy called Frank, and the most embarrassing day of his life. The video combines music, narration and sound effects to make a soundscape that fits our still images. These images are made from royalty free photos and cartoon drawings of main characters.  The still images each go for six seconds, as does each section of the soundscape. The story was quirky, simple and easy to work with and to create a background for.


We had a look on ning.com for social networking options and explored the possible packages you can purchase. We decided, however, that in our circumstances it would be more economic to use a site that we can afford and are already confident with.

We used WordPress and Twitter to market our story to an audience, (young adults). This is effective because they both enable hashtags, both can be followed and interacted with. The WordPress blog is where it all happens. We created a home page with the video, a page for users to post their stories and a page for users to view their stories. There is already a post from an audience member who was interested in the story. Twitter -a more widely and trivially used social networking platform- is of the most use in terms of awareness and promotion. In 140 characters or less, it is easy to convey the crux of our story and inform potential audience members of the blog.

Design principles.

We followed the lecture advice and did more than just video for level 3. We used video in combination with text and still images, all embedded into a blog for audiences to explore, interact with and contribute to. In taking the given advice and accepting that we weren’t going to use actors was a good decision of ours, as the way we worked in terms of timing was completely up to us and we didn’t have to depend on the abilities or commitment of others.  We relied on production skills we already had- Alex’s awesome drawing, my ability to source and mix sounds and our critical thinking in terms of marketing.


Alex and I worked well in a group together. We both used our individual strengths to our advantage. For example, when making the video, she drew and photoshopped the cartoons and I put together the soundscape. This was something we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own.



blog: http://flusteredfrank.wordpress.com/

twitter: https://twitter.com/flusteredfrank

hashtag: #flusteredfrank


All images were sourced from wiki commons and archive.org

All sound effects were sourced from Freesfx 

The music was by Kevin Macleod 

All content was royalty free.


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