Digital storytelling review

Here is a review of three different digital stories.

  1. Sound of my Voice trailer 
  2. Take this Lollipop 
  3. Sins of the Fathers 

Sound of My Voice

This digital story was really captivating. While I only saw the trailer, I felt anxious, confused and frustrated on behalf of the characters. It functioned well as an online movie. At the end of the trailer there was a link to watch the first 12 minutes of the full movie. Clever. A strength of an entire movie functioning as a digital story is that the audience can watch it at their own leisure. They can pause, skip forward, back and watch it on the go. This does double as a weakness though. Many people would still be more receptive to seeing a movie in its entirety at the cinema, where there is no disturbance, surround sound and minimal lighting. Therefore, they are less likely to get bored and are more likely to engage closely with the story. While I think its a great story, I don’t think its a significant development in terms of storytelling, as all that has changed about this movie is the platform.

Take this Lollipop

This is a brilliant form of online storytelling. In personally engaging the audience (by making them the main character of the story), it has a lasting effect on their mental state. It is therefore more likely to be remembered than any other story about stranger danger. In this story- you’re the one in danger. A strength of this story was the use of current Facebook data as narrative content. The one big weakness was having to put your Facebook password in. Even though it says on the home page that the creators don’t like hackers, its hard to trust any site that asks for such information. I think its great, a really significant development for storytelling. It reminded me of those personalized books you could order as a kid. But this time it actually had a meaning. While it was all fiction, it dealt with real life issues and implications through its association with social media and your own personal internet use.

Sins of the Fathers

This was a film made in an acmi workshop about digital storytelling. It had no significance in the way of storytelling development but it was still an engaging story. A strength was the use of calm, slow narration and soft background music in combination with abstract pictures as well as real photographs. A weakness of the video was that in the form I watched it (and I’m sure other audience members did was well), the edges of the screen were cut off. 

Overall I think these were all quite gripping, innovative stories that made effective use of delivering a story online. 


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