What we can learn from transparent fashion bloggers

Last week Abrakedabra wrote about the need for fashion bloggers to disclose information about sponsorship and working with particular brands. Abrar focused on the cost of featuring in Sydney Fashion Blogger‘s posts, up to $850. While Sydney Fashion Blogger has been criticised for her lack of disclosure, some bloggers use transparency to build authentic relationships with publics. 

PR practitioners understand the need for transparency in an organisation, especially when it comes to affiliations with big brands.  

One entrepreneur who understands this need is Australian fashion blogger Nicole Warne (aka garypeppergirl). In an interview with Renegade Collective, Warne spoke of her qualms with accepting “gifts” from brands, saying that she no longer accepts them due to the associated expectations.

“I don’t do sponsored posts and if I have worked with a brand, I’m quite clear on communicating that I’ve partnered with them.”

 Warne has been criticised by Jonathan Moran (The Daily Telegraph) for her position as a blogger. Moran noted Warne’s current location as “a freebie around Europe as a guest of Contiki in exchange for daily social media posts”.

As Blogger Mrs Woog stated in her guest post on Mumbrella, it is okay to get paid for your work. And Warne was very clear about her relationship with Contiki in all of her captions on her “daily social media posts”. 


PR practitioners can learn a lot from these often-misconstrued bloggers. The good ones, like Warne, understand their audience, respond personally to emails and engage only in things they “love” in order to continually connect with their followers.  

Here is why we need to learn from fashion bloggers. According to BamRaisers:

  • More than 60% of U.S. online consumers say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of reading a bloggers recommendation, and;
  • Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines


So next time you discover a fashion blogger, judge more than her cushy title, because we can learn some good (and bad) internet etiquette tips from them. Warne doesn’t have 826,303 instagram followers for nothing.