Flipped lecture: browser wars

Lets start off with saying I had no idea what Netscape was before watching this. I had never heard of it.

The documentary begins by comparing the world wide web to other revolutionary inventions such as sliced bread, the electric lightbulb and the aeroplane.

As we would expect, the narrator informs us that the internet started with a group of imaginative computer nerds.

From what I gathered, the internet was around for a while but used specifically for research, and was just presented as text. The documentary conveys the change from this set up to the internet we know, with

‘images, pictures, audio and video capabilities’.

It astounded me that these guys knew what was up at such a young age, ‘junior year university’. Just when I thought that was impressive, the early success of Bill Gates was relayed.

‘I have as much power as the president’

he said. So microsoft ruled technology. I found it amusing the way the documentary used dark, intimidating shots to relay the goings on at their headquarters. It matched the ‘simple yet ambitious’ aim of Gates to have a PC in every house and office, all running Microsoft programs. This might have sounded ludicrous at the time, but hearing it today really brought home the fact that this stuff is changing the world, a revolution, as claimed at the beginning of the video.

And while I will forget the name of Netscape in a couple of hours, I will remember the fact that I watched this using google chrome, as explorer sucks.

Click here for the link to the documentary!