Making up a game

The game involves using QR codes to claim prizes won from different cafes around the CBD. The QR codes, when scanned, function the same way a stamp does on a loyalty card (when you put in your password on the website). So one ‘stamp’ is one scan of a QR code on a coffee cup. When you have collected enough ‘stamps’, you win a $10 voucher from one of the stores on your virtual card. The game only runs over a couple of weeks though, so you have to visit the stores enough times while its running to be eligible, hence the cafes motivation for participating. Further motivation for each cafe to participate is the use of Twitter in this game. Each time one of your followers starts playing the game and claims that you told them about it, you get a stamp. For every 3 tweets to the hashtag or to the page of the game you get a stamp. If you visit a combination of these cafes and are one of the first to scan from each of them, you  win the main prize, which is a months worth of free coffee from a chosen participating cafe. Some codes take you to a page where you can also claim instant wins such as a free muffin with your next drink.

The motivation for players of this game is to get the free drinks. The participating businesses are motivated because the game is promoted over twitter, which will raise consumer awareness and bring in new business.

The use of Twitter to market the game will provide potential players with instant, to the point information about what the game involves. Links that provide further detail can be attached to tweets for those who want to know more. Twit pics will be used as evidence (i.e. posting official posters, photos of people with their free drinks). This will aid the projected image as it makes the game appear more trustworthy.