Search engine comparison

I chose to compare the results of three different search engines:

– google

– duckduckgo


– instagrok

I ranked them:

1. google

2. instagrok

3. duckduckgo

Instagrok was set out in a way that allowed me to work with and annotate the results. It provided different layouts as well, catering for different learning types. It took a while to load, however, and did not offer obvious links to other sites. I would use it again for school research, but only in combination with another search engine.

Duckduckgo was faster than Instagrok but the colour and font looked less professional than google, which it was more similar to.

Google still stands as my favourite search engine, and it knows it too. It was the quickest and the most accurate. It offers definitions as other search engines do, but the  search results are more relevant.