Remember the days before smart phones? When the most exciting thing you could do with your phone was get sport updates texted to you or play snake? It was pretty limited before the smart phone app phenomenon.

But apps aren’t really new.

When thinking about the pros and cons of apps (see below for my list), I could come up with a lot more pros than cons. Therefore this phenomenon is fairly important in the contemporary mediascape in terms of business opportunities. I know from personal experience  if a company doesn’t have an app (or at the very least a mobile site) I will get frustrated and move on to its competitor. Not only does creating an app for your business or organisation increase consumer access, but smartphone apps function as another advertising medium.

Watching this video made me realise that apps have been around for a while, and it is the medium in which they are used that has changed. As stated in the video, apps used to be expensive, offline and sometimes time consuming.
The pros of apps:
  • they’re entertaining
  • they’re cheap and often free
  • they don’t take long to download
  • they don’t require you to open a web page
  • you can design them yourself
  • there are apps for everything from diets to social media to public transport help
  • yon can collect and categorise them

the cons of apps:

  • they eat up battery on your phone if you don’t close them properly or frequently enough
  • they can take up a large amount of storage space
  • they can have hidden add on prices or extras


Some apps I recommend:

  • One really popular app at the moment is ‘4 pics 1 word’.
  • Robot Unicorn Attack- as a game to kill time. It’s odd and you get to run through things and explode them
  • Face Switch: to merge your friends faces and see how hilariously ugly they are
  • The Silver-Top taxi app- every time I use it to book a cab (even a maxi on a busy night), it has arrived on time