How great are potatoes?

I think potato is one of the most versatile foods out there. Think about it.

It is socially acceptable (in Western society) to eat them with every meal. They taste good with everything. You can cook them in almost any way.

They are a vital part of the perfect fast-food-hangover-cure. Nothing satisfies nausea and a blinding headache like a couple of hot, greasy hash browns. And while there is nothing wrong with pumpkin, you can’t mix it with mayonaise and ham and eat it in delicious salad. What else is better next to your families roast meat than (sweet) potato? And where would you be on a cold winters night without the comfort of a mouthwatering shepherds pie?

Take a look at the graph* linked below. Among other great benefits,  one baked potato counts for over 27% of your daily Vitamin C intake.  This proves them to be more than just a comfort food (Guilty conscious cleared).

Aside from their great taste and nutritional value, potatoes can replace many necessary household items. Here are a few of my favourite uses for potatoes:

  • paper weights
  • Grass head potato friends
  • stocking fillers for naughty kids
  • real life Mr. Potato head games

I’m not the only one to share this perspective. In the 1800’s, potatoes were heated and kept in the pockets of travellers, to keep them warm throughout the duration of their journey.

Stil not convinced? Check out this great blog** and see that I’m not the only potato advocate out there.